Friends of Scouting


What is FOS?

Friends of Scouting is the annual campaign where the Sam Houston Area Council asks Scouting families, businesses and civic-minded citizens to support our mission of providing the Scouting program to tens of thousands of young people in Southeast Texas. 

Scouting Makes a Difference

As parents, we want our children to have a great education, be safe and happy, and learn duty to God. We have just a few short years to equip them with the knowledge to make the right decisions when life presents adversity. Scouting is the perfect tool to help your children have better lives!

Recognition Plan

People like to give to organizations they believe in and they don't mind receiving a nice thank you in return.  Below is a list of the items that a person making a pledge or contribution will receive.  Remember, donors receive the item at their level of giving only.  Pens are provided to donors at all levels. Council Shoulder Patches are provided to all contributions above $185.

Complimentary Recognition Pen: For all participants who complete a 2014 pledge card 

2014 Council Activity Patch: For all participants who contribute $100 and above

2014 Council Shoulder Patch: For all participants who contribute at $200 and above 

2014 Friends of Scouting Baseball Cap: For all participants who contribute $365 and above 

Annual Recognition Plaque: For all participants who contribute $500 or more 












What your dollars fund:

The Sam Houston Area Council operates to support it's Chartering Organizations in providing the Scouting program to the youth of our communities. Your support helps the Council provide the following and much more:

  • A staff of dedicated Scouters, charged with the responsibility to create partnerships with potential Chartering Organizations, organize and conduct youth recruiting programs, and provide service to all units by recruiting, training and motivating district and unit Scout leaders.
  • Camp Strake, Janis and George Fleming Cub Scout World, Walter Horseshoe Bend, Cockrell River Camp, Bovay Scout Ranch, and Camp Brosig. These camps provide 7,436 acres of outdoor camping facilities that hosted 225,408 nights of camping last year.
  • Provide camp scholarships to many Scouts whose leaders request assistance.
  • Handle registrations, Boys' Life subscriptions, and special requests to the national office and other organizations.
  • Maintain a supply of literature, insignia, forms, certificates, etc., needed by the leader to carry out the units program.
  • Keep records of advancement, membership, training, etc., necessary for unit operation.
  • Produce frequent communications to keep leaders informed of latest local and national Scouting events.
  • Produce notices, minutes, agendas, etc., for district and council committees that develop programs for leader and unit support.
  • Handle phone calls and visitors for information related to unit operation and Scouting procedures.
  • Provide forms, applications, scoreboards, certificates, and literature helpful in unit program.
  • Produce district and council calendars and schedules, programs, kits, and special aids to assist leaders and their committees.
  • Make reservations for films, equipment, long-term camping, short-term camps, camporees, jamborees, high-adventure bases, training courses, meetings, Cub Scout leader pow wows, Venturing activities, annual council and district meetings, and unit leader events.

Contact David Gibson to schedule your Friends of Scouting Presentation or any other FOS needs!!

Mobile 281-221-0928 or David.Gibson@crew1333.org


Friends of Scouting.

Friends of Scouting is an opportunity for families, friends, alumni, business and community organizations to support Scouting. Your child's $24 registration fee goes directly to the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America. If your child's Scout unit collects dues, that money stays with the unit to help pay for supplies, advancements and other activities. None of that money helps the Sam Houston Area Council. In order to keep Scouting affordable for all youth, in lieu of a local fee, the council runs an annual Friends of Scouting fundraising campaign.

Friends of Scouting helps:

 Recruit and train youth and leaders

 Provide assistance to those in need

 Keep our camps and activities affordable

 Enhance programing and facilities

 Provide communication tools for volunteer leaders

Friends of Scouting contributions provide approximately 24 percent of the support the council receives each year. The success of Scouting depends on those who support it. Please help Scouting provide the resources necessary to make sure every youth can benefit from Scouting’s fun, exciting, adventure-filled activities that foster character, honesty, respect and life-long values. www.shac.org/annual-giving