District Family Friends of Scouting

Sign up now for your unit's Friends of Scouting Presentation!

Contact David Gibson at 281-221-0928 or David.Gibson@crew1333.org to schedule your unit's date.  Blue and Gold Banquets are great for Packs . . . Courts of Honour are great for Troops!


Also, your unit needs an FOS Unit Coordinator!  A Unit Coordinator should be a key person in your unit that is well-known and well-respected - they know everybody! 

The Unit Coordinator:

  • Makes advance announcements at unit meetings about the upcoming FOS presentation
  • Assists the FOS Presenter during the presentation
  • Follows up with your Scouting Familes that may have missed the presentation
  • Shoots for 100% participation . . . gives everyone the opportunity to support Scouting!

The Unit Coordinator Pizza Party is Thursday, January 10, 2013, 7pm at Trinity Lutheran Church Family Life Center Room 116.

The 2013 Phoenix District Family Campaign goal is $89,000.  Join our team to help the Phoenix District exceed that goal and make our